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Windvane Self-Steering for boats with outboard rudders

Posted by on March 7, 2013

When folks ask who designed Taleisin’s windvane self-steering gear, Larry always says,” it isn’t a design, it’s an evolution. The difference? A design works right the first time.” This gets a good laugh but Larry is right, Taleisin’s windvane evolved from what we learned on Seraffyn. It works wonderfully, steering the boat when downwind when there is barely a zepher, keeping her on course in heavy winds in spite of frolicking seas. Many people have asked about the vane and wanted one similar for their boats with outboard rudders and boomkins. So several years ago Larry helped a young boatbuilder, Mike Anderson, draw up some plans for the vane.  Mike went on to build a vanes for about three dozen different boats., and several home builders have used the simple drawings he created to make their own. Now Mike has made two short videos showing how the vane evolved and how to install it. You can watch them by clicking on the links below.

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