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December 2011

Dear Friends: Refit time – for us it’s come late this year. Here in the southern hemisphere December actually marks the official beginning of summer. Unfortunately, the month of November, when we had hoped to start work on Taleisin, was one of the windiest on record – gale force easterlies: south, north, due of the … Continue reading »

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October 2011

Dear Friends: Sometimes I wish I could yell “stop the action!” I’d like to freeze things long enough to truly savor the sight, concentrate on enjoying the emotions, the memories it brings to mind. One such moment happened when, late on a beautiful and breezy Sunday afternoon, I walked around the corner of the Situate … Continue reading »

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August 2011 – From Kawau

Dear Friends,It’s about the sailing. Voyaging, cruising foreign shores, as much as I love the adventure of traveling and meeting new people, a little yellow boat reminded me that it’s actually the sailing that has kept me hooked for so long. Larry hauled the little yellow boat up onto the hard at Mickey Mouse Marine. … Continue reading »

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Ready for Cruising? (Video Cruising Tip)

Are you ready to cruise offshore? In this video, Lin gives you a way to gauge for yourself. Cruising Tip: Are You Ready for Cruising?

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Storm Tactics Video (DVD)

“One of the reasons I wanted to sail east-to-west around Cape Horn was to take video shots proving that small vessels can safely weather storms if they are well outfitted and efficiently handled,” Larry Pardey stated after his record-breaking voyage. Lin and Larry completed their against-the-wind rounding of the Great Southern Capes on board their engineless 29-foot Taleisin earlier this year, weathering nine days of storm-force winds to reach Puerto Montt in Chile. There they interviewed several high-latitude voyagers, prepared the narrative, and shot further detailed footage to complete the Storm Tactics video, a project Lin and Larry conceived almost ten years ago. Continue reading »

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Get Ready to CRUISE

Join Lin and Larry Pardey at their home base in New Zealand as they share ideas and hints to make your boat safer, easier to handle, and more enjoyable to use. Continue reading »

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So you feel confident with cruising local waters and are thinking of setting off across an ocean . . .Before you start planning, join Lin and Larry Pardey on board Taleisin in Fremantle, Australia, as they demonstrate gear storage for offshore voyaging, dinghy choices, warping out a stern anchor, proper life-raft storage, storm trysails, sail repairs, and other valuable hints to help you prepare. Continue reading »

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Cruising has NO LIMITS

Skimming before caressing tradewinds, savoring NO LIMITS tropical landfalls, evading stormy seas—such is the image of the cruising life under sail. It is all this, but it can be so much more. Join Lin and Larry Pardey at their New Zealand home base as they recount some of their most memorable adventures during more than 30 years of cruising. Continue reading »

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Storm Tactics Handbook, 3rd Ed.

“In a storm at sea, luck is highly biased toward the sailor who has a plan.” So write Lin and Larry Pardey in this, the third edition of their highly regarded Storm Tactics Handbook. As in the first two editions of this book, they describe their concerns about the tendency of modern sailors to discard the classic methods used to bring sailing vessels of all sizes—from vast clipper ships to tiny yachts—through amazingly strong winds and heavy seas. Continue reading »

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Seraffyn’s Oriental Adventure

A tale of adventures, as two young dreamers continue their voyaging on board their self-built 24’4″ cutter. They cross the exotic sea that spawned Homer’s tales of Ulysses’ Odyssey, then sail through the strife torn Red Sea and across the typhoon tossed waters of the Bay of Bengal. Continue reading »

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Seraffyn’s Mediterranean Adventure

Covers three adventurous years in the Pardey’s circumnavigation with stops in Spain, North Africa, Crete, Malta, the Adriatic, Turkey and the Greek Isles. Photos. Continue reading »

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Seraffyn’s European Adventure

Join Lin and Larry while they winter in England working to pay for the next leg of their journey into the Baltic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany. Continue reading »

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