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Seraffyn’s Mediterranean Adventure

Posted by on June 9, 2009


Covers three adventurous years in the Pardey’s circumnavigation with stops in Spain, North Africa, Crete, Malta, the Adriatic, Turkey and the Greek Isles.

ISBN: 9780924486159 ·
AUTHOR: Lin and Larry Pardey ·
PUB_DATE: 1991 ·
BINDING: Paper ·
PAGES: 256 ·
SIZE: 5 1/4 x 8 1/2 ·

2 Responses to Seraffyn’s Mediterranean Adventure

  1. flash39

    I have read this book quite a few times. It’s excellent.

  2. Fergusmac

    The book, like every other book L&L have written, is exceptional. They have the ability to make the story riveting and real, and the book is packed with experience and tips worth their weight in solid teak.

    I have 5 of their books in hardback, and 3 (including this one) on Kindle. I love Kindle – it solves the problem of carrying your library aboard – but it has a problem with illustrations. I cannot read the Pardeys’ Expanded Wind Speed Chart. The print is too small, and, unlike the text of the book, the chart is an illustration, so I cannot blow it up. Is their any way that the photographs and diagrams in the Kindle books can be posted on the site, perhaps with password access for Kindle purchasers?

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