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Self Sufficient Sailor

Posted by on June 9, 2009


Full of ideas and wisdom on how to sail in comfort and safety without large cash   outlays. Every sailor, whether or not they plan to sail over the horizon, should   read the Pardeys. This book is what the title says. It is the distillation of   what the Pardey’s have learned in 150,000 miles of sailing on board their two   cutters, Seraffyn and Taleisin, and on scores of other boats they have delivered   or raced. Lin and Larry tell how they have sailed in comfort and safety without   large cash outlay– on a pay-as-you-earn-as-you-go plan and by simplifying. In   its first edition, this invaluable text has seen nine reprints. Now Lin and   Larry have updated and revised the information to make it current and a valuable   edition to any sailor’s library right up to the millennium.

Pub Date: 1997 ·
ISBN: 0964603675 ·
AUTHOR: Larry and Lin Pardey ·
BINDING: Hardcover ·
PAGES: 320 · SIZE: 6 x 8 1/2

5 Responses to Self Sufficient Sailor

  1. EWebster


    On one of your first video’s, Larry shows Taleisin’s ice box and then says, “If you want to know how to build a really great ice box, see our book, “”The Self-Sufficient Sailor”” published by W.W. Norton.”

    I have searched my copy of SSS long and hard, and I can find no meantion of how to build Taleisin’s ice box. Can you point me in the right direction. Am I missing something or did Larry site the wrong book?

    Thank you in advance.

    Eric Webster
    Evans, Washington USA

    • frank_f

      I know this is an old post and I’m not sure if this ever got answered for you but, the ice box stuff seems to be in the “Care and Feeding” book.

  2. frank_f


    Will there be a new revision of this book? All the good stuff seems to be gone.

    Seems it’s all but impossible to buy a manual winch, oil lamps are over $200 each and only Europe seems to sell them.

    Slowly but surely, we are being pushed towards electricity like it or not. Canada has even stopped issuing paper copies of Notice to Mariners. All on line now. Can’t get the internet? Not our problem.

    I have no doubt that Nelson would have given his left arm as well for a GPS but I work with electronics every day. Electricity and electronics are the high priests of false security.

  3. Theoden

    When is the 2017 version going to be available?

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