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Posted by on January 23, 2013

We first chose to use flexible solar panels because they were less bulky and could be stored away quickly. The absence of a metal frame meant less chance of damaging the boat or ourselves when we worked around the panels. Then the late Bernard Moitessier showed us another benefit that doubled their usefulness. He had added an extension cord to his panels so that he could move them up to the foredeck when he was headed west through the tradewinds in the afternoon. This kept the panels out of the shadow of the mainsail. In the morning they could go aft, again in the full rays of the sun. Because of their flexibility and movability, we find that two panels, though rated at only 1.1 amps each, provide us sufficient power to cover all of our relatively low usage. But even for those with higher electrical demands, these portable panels will pay off.

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