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June 2015 Cruising Tip

Posted by on June 12, 2015

Where to get an inflation collar to convert your hard dinghy into a combo tender/lifeboat

We have often had emails and letters from folks who read the chapter Cost Conscious Cruiser about how we converted Cheeky, our 8 foot tender into a combination tender/lifeboat. They have asked where to get affordable floatation tubes custom made. Just recently I was introduced to someone here in New Zealand that does just this. His name, Neil Curtling working under the name of Inflatable Boat and Retubes & Repairs

I have seen the work he did for friends of ours. Perfect fit, good installation tabs and fair price.

For more ideas on combination lifeboat/tenders you might like to look at this link which takes you to our cruising tip from Steve Callahan who has created a folding combo dinghy/lifeboat. Unfortunately he has not put it into commercial production.

4 Responses to June 2015 Cruising Tip

  1. navigator902

    Thank you Pardey’s for the combination tender … always a CCC…Cost Conscious Criseer, you coined it, Cheers, Capt Cass…

  2. Daleguy

    L & L,
    I just happened upon your website and, after reading a few of you articles, wanted to thank you for sharing your stories. While I’ve been sailing a few times with my uncle, I’m going to take my first formal sailing lessons in the Spring 2016. I live in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore and will be visiting the Annapolis Sail Boat show in the coming weeks; hoping to stop by your booth and say hi. Re, Craig

    • Robert

      I am really looking forward to the Annapolis show, so many old friends to catch up with and looks like I’ll be making some new ones too. See you there..

  3. John Petersen

    Funny this topic of the sponson for Cheeky is on your blog recently at the very moment I was starting to do research on where to find a Fatty Knees, sponson and everything to kit out a life tender. My wife and I are in the very exciting stages of viewing a few BCC’s for purchase to be used in the Santa Barbara Channel and Channels Islands off Ventura here in CA. And who knows elsewhere 🙂 John and Pam

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