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Cruising Tip: An elegant and highly useful rigging bag

Posted by on July 23, 2016

An elegant and highly useful rigging bag

A few weeks ago I posted this photograph of Larry on my Facebook page. He was cleaning out the rigging bag Jay Greer made as a gift for us when we launched Seraffyn. It served us for years and years, traveling not only on Seraffyn and Taleisin, but on airplanes as we headed off to deliver other peoples boats. I got a lot of nice comments from people who wanted more details about the actual bag. One person wrote, my dad is getting ready to launch a boat he built, can you give me more details so I can make a rigging bag as a gift for him. I made this very short video which might inspire you to try your hand at making a personalized rigging bag for your boat.

Larry with the rigging bag Jay made for us.

Larry with the rigging bag Jay made for us.

Some of the special details about this bucket, besides it starting out as a gift then traveling so many miles with us, notice the bail is secured with a toggle which means when you are going aloft, you can secure it easily around a spreader or on your bosun’s chair. With it’s very flat bottom, it sits steadily where ever you put it down. The piece of line tacked around the bottom keeps it from scratching anything. The canvas is relatively easy to replace and you can make the small outside pockets the right size to fit items you want to carry. In fact, I think this is the third canvas top Larry has affixed to the original base. So does that mean it is the same old rigging bag?  Cause we have always loved Jay – who also carved the names on both of our boats, we still call it Jay’s rigging bag.

Click here to download the video

One Response to Cruising Tip: An elegant and highly useful rigging bag

  1. persiflager

    That’s a nice story, and it sure still is ‘Jay’s rigging bag’ if we apply the same reasoning as Joshua Slocum on boat restoration (and why not?).
    As he writes in his famous book:
    “Now, it is a law in Lloyd’s that the ‘Jane’ repaired all out of the old until she is entirely new is still the ‘Jane’. The ‘Spray’ changed her being so gradually that it was hard to say at what point the old died or the new took birth, and it was no matter.”
    All best wishes,

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