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Cruising Tips

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Choosing Vegetables that Will Last when you go to Sea

There is an extensive section on storing vegetables and fruits for offshore passages in our book, The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew. But knowing how to choose them is just as important as careful storage. So for those of you getting ready to head away from winter, here is a video taken as I was actually … Continue reading »

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Improving your vision

In our May newsletter I wrote of the death of my brother-in-law when he was hit head on by a truck turning left in front his motorcycle. The driver stated he hadn’t seen Michael, even though it was broad daylight and Michael’s motorcycle light was o cheap viagra soft n. Among the many warm replies … Continue reading »

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You Can’t Buy Safety

This chapter, from our book the Capable Cruiser, 3rd edition was originally written in response to a magazine editorial. It was printed in Latitudes and Attitudes several years ago but nothing has changed as far as the heavy marketing of so called Safety equipment. So Larry and I think it is worth sharing it with … Continue reading »

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More on fresh tasting milk for Cruising

Colin Webb from New Zealand had some very interesting thoughts to add to the discussion of using milk powder afloat… Hi Lin And  Larry Firstly some of my background is an industrial chemist  and during my working life I owned a dairy factory producing milk powder from fresh milk for over 15 years. I sold … Continue reading »

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Milk Powder Tips

When we were at the Annapolis boat show a lovely woman came up to me and said, “My children need milk on board. Do you know of any milk powder that tastes decent? We’re heading offshore soon and I can’t find any.” I didn’t have the answer since recently, Larry and I carry two or … Continue reading »

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Monohull vs. Catamaran – A short, slightly opinionated round up of pros and cons

At Boatshows, through emails to this website, we are have often been asked if we’d consider a Cat for offshore cruising. Any answer we give based only on our own experience is bound to be highly prejudiced by our love of the aesthetics of classic sailing vessels, preference for small size and affordability. To try … Continue reading »

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Other Reasons you need to know how to Heave-to

We received the following email last week and asked Drew and Sarah for permission to share it with you since it illustrates some very good decision making by relatively inexperienced sailors. Drew and Sarah Moore wrote: “I just wanted to thank you for your Storm Tactics Handbook!!  I never expected to have to use these … Continue reading »

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Cruising Tip: Working aloft – the Gantline

A proper gantline is essential for both long-distance racing and offshore cruising unless you always sail with a large, strong crew. If you have a varnished or painted spar it is even more important. A gantline is simply a four-part block and tackle arrangement that lets you haul yourself aloft with ease. We use two … Continue reading »

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Cruising Tips – Three Jury Rigging Ideas

During the past two months two young couples have told us about the unexpected mast problems that almost ended their cruises. In each case they had rigging failures while they were far from land. In each case they used their ingenuity and gear on board to stabilize the situation and sail onward without calling for … Continue reading »

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Weather Routers Advice to Cruisers

Many Pacific Ocean cruisers will already have heard of Bob McDavitt. For years he has been giving weather advice and routing information to cruisers and racers from his offices near Westhaven marina in Auckland New Zealand. Bob is a top notch professional meteorological officer for the New Zealand government and a specialist in maritime weather. … Continue reading »

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An Easy to Store, Combination Hard Bottomed Dinghy/Life Boat

Steve Callahans FRIB ready for production In our book, Cost Conscious Cruiser, we have a complete discussion of why we are not comfortable with currently available life rafts. Steve Callahan is definitely someone who supports our view that a tender that is rigged out to work as a sailing life raft not only saves money, … Continue reading »

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Guide to Splicing Rigging Wire

In the Storm Tactics DVD, Larry discusses the advantages of having hand spliced rigging rather than using swaged or mechanical end fittings. Unfortunately in recent times, few people know how to splice their own wire and even fewer people are available to show you how to do it. There are several books which show step … Continue reading »

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