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Cruising Tips

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December 2013 Cruising Tip: For Adventures – Go to Windward

For Adventures – Go to Windward “You guys were lucky,” new voyagers say to us, “You got out cruising before there were so many people doing it so it was easy for you to meet local folks.” We can’t disagree completely, when we first set off it was common to be the only foreign flagged … Continue reading »

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Cutting Board/Sink Cover/Serving Board

Simplicity always seems to be the best choice when It comes to sailboat systems, both aloft and below decks. This cutting board/galley sink cover must be one of the simplest but most useful items Larry ever built for me. When we were building Taleisin, Larry asked me if I had any use for the piece … Continue reading »

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Meal Schedules and Division of Labor

From the log of Seraffyn, during her 49 day passage from Yokohama, Japan, to Victoria, Canada This afternoon, I found some tomatoes that had split because they rolled out of the basket. I used them to make a spaghetti dinner, a real at-sea favorite for us. I love spaghetti; Larry loves the chili and beans … Continue reading »

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Warning – Fresh water + Marina or Boats with on Board Electrics could = EDS

Like so many blue water cruising sailors, I think nothing of diving overboard for a swim whenever we are in clear warm water even near marinas and  docks. When we were meandering through the canals of France a few years ago, I joined friends in fine splashes in the Soame River, the Burgundy Canal and … Continue reading »

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A Simple Fiddle for your Galley Table

I am going through The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew to update it for a new fourth edition  which should be ready for September. (The third edition will remain available as an eBook until September, but the paperback third edition will be out of print by June 15th.) As I came to the chapter … Continue reading »

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A Better Bucket

When we were speaking at the SSCA Gam in Annapolis, Annette Baker introduced herself and told me about a fun website she was creating. Annette loves sewing. She loves upgrading Magnolia, her cruising home. Her friends commented on her creative stitchery, wondering how they could do the same on their boat. So she created a … Continue reading »

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Galley Safety Rails

The weather wasn’t particularly storm, the boat was beam reaching nicely on the starboard tack. Beth had her galley strap on as she prepared some food. Then just as she unclipped, the boat lurched and she was thrown right across the cabin. Fortunately she came to rest on the port bunk, unfortunately her head hit … Continue reading »

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Cockpit Safety Rail/Table Combo

I have often been concerned about the safety of wide open cockpits. No place to put your feet when the boat heels, nothing to grab onto as you move fore and aft. Beth and Norm Cooper felt the same way when they were outfitting Sarah Jean II, a standard Saga 43 before they set sail … Continue reading »

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Windvane Self-Steering for boats with outboard rudders

When folks ask who designed Taleisin’s windvane self-steering gear, Larry always says,” it isn’t a design, it’s an evolution. The difference? A design works right the first time.” This gets a good laugh but Larry is right, Taleisin’s windvane evolved from what we learned on Seraffyn. It works wonderfully, steering the boat when downwind when … Continue reading »

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Why you should take Children Cruising

Daniel Bramwell sailed into North  Cove a few months back on his Westsail 32 with his wife Michelle. The two of them have been exploring the Pacific for the past three years. Now they had come back to New Zealand where he was born to order some new sails, earn some “freedom chips” and catch … Continue reading »

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We first chose to use flexible solar panels because they were less bulky and could be stored away quickly. The absence of a metal frame meant less chance of damaging the boat or ourselves when we worked around the panels. Then the late Bernard Moitessier showed us another benefit that doubled their usefulness. He had … Continue reading »

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What’s in a Name?

          Through the years, many people have asked us how we came to name our boats. Years ago, just before Taleisin was ready to be launched, I wrote the following story: What’s in a Name? For two and a half years we listened in frustration as friends, family and magazine editors … Continue reading »

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