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Capable Cruiser 3rd Edition

Posted by on October 26, 2009

This revised and expanded third edition of a cruising classic includes nine completely new chapters with such advice as: sixteen ways to encourage your lover (partner) to share your dream; strategies for turning sudden engine failure into a minor incident; choosing safety equipment; repairing rigging at sea. All of the original chapters have been updated and many are expanded to ensure that the information will be helpful for everyone who dreams of cruising—whether now or soon.

The Capable Cruiser is a logical extension of the Pardeys’ The Self-Sufficient Sailor, with more emphasis on seamanship underway, including careful analysis of extreme anchoring situations and solutions for mitigating them. Underlying each and every chapter is the warmth and encouragement that spurred Herb McCormick, editor-at-large for Cruising World, to label Lin and Larry Pardey “the enablers.”


"Not content to bask in the halo of their accomplishments, cruising’s established experts Lin and Larry Pardey are still having fun sailing more than 40 years after launching Seraffyn and the many voyages that established their reputation as sailing leaders. Lin and Larry share what they are continuing to learn about boathandling, life aboard, and safety.


The Capable Cruiser is but one of an excellent four-book series which evolves with updates to each book as the cruising lifestyle changes and as the Pardeys discover new tricks to share with fellow sailors. This book, like the others, has been extensively revised with new chapters and current information. It is part of a must-read series for serious sailors. The remainder of the kit includes The Self-Sufficient Sailor, The Cost-Conscious Cruiser, and The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew. Get the newest editions of each of these.


Cruising has become more popular in recent decades, but there’s still room for you to join the seagoing tribe of cruising sailors. With these books, Lin and Larry Pardey are encouraging you to join them and telling you how. Bon voyage!"
Karen Larson
Founding Editor, Good Old Boat magazine

"Lin and Larry have sailed more miles in more different types of boats than just about any couple in history. Their book the Capable Cruiser, now in a revised edition, is the fruit of all that experience. If you are dreaming of sailing the seven seas aboard your own boat, then you need to read the Capable Cruiser – both for the knowledge it imparts and the sensible seamanship that runs through every page."
George Day
Editor, Blue Water Sailing, Cruising Quarterly and Cruising Compass

"When it comes to the subject of “capable cruising,” the Pardeys have literally and figuratively written the book on it. The lessons they’ve learned after tens of thousands of miles at sea are hard-earned, clearly imparted, and totally invaluable."
Herb McCormick
Editor-at-large, Cruising World

“The Capable Cruiser is must reading for anyone who would like to take their yacht across the waters to high adventure anywhere around the globe.”
Midwest Book Review

“Nothing can keep you cruising longer, safer and on a lower budget than self-sufficiency, and no one knows more about it than the Pardeys.”
Tom Linskey, Sail Magazine

“Sound guidance, experience allied to common sense . . . it makes a good guide.”
Practical Boat Owner

About Lin and Larry Pardey
Lin and Larry Pardey have now been cruising on board their own boats, racing, delivering, and repairing other people’s boats for more than 44 years. After west-to-east and east-to-west circumnavigations, and voyages to more than 75 countries, they have a breadth of knowledge that few other boating authors possess. Most of the voyaging has been done on an earn-as-you-go budget that could be well within the reach of the majority of those whose dream is to set sail.

The Pardeys’ strengths are neatly symbolized by the boats they have built. Each one is romantically traditional, with swooping sheerlines, and is completely dependent on the wind. And yet each boat carries the best, strongest, and most seamanlike gear. Like their vessels, the Pardeys’ writings are founded on a marriage of the spirit of romantic adventure and the practical, up-to-date seamanship that keeps them and their boats safe. Their motto? “Go small, go simple, but go now!”

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  1. nacho

    I hope to get this book for Christmas, I have read “the self sufficient sailor” and “the cost conscious cruiser”, and they have proved to be very valuable in living and voyaging in a small boat (soon it will be 2 years).

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