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Bull Canyon Press Release

Posted by on January 26, 2011
Lin and Larry Pardey Introduce New Book

Bull Canyon is available in hardcover at and bookstores everywhere. Click here to read more or order at The ebook version is available at, click here for the ebook. For more information see Lin’s website

Bull CanyonIn Bull Canyon Lin turns to an "adventure on land." This is the story of the four years the couple spent far from the sea, building the boat of their dreams in California’s remote Bull Canyon. First there were the rats in the ceiling, then the floods, then the fires, then the visiting cougar … life in Bull Canyon was daunting and dangerous. Often Lin wondered just what they were doing so far from their customary "home" on the open seas.  Bull Canyon joins the annals of great tales of homesteading, told in the warm, funny, and insightful voice of a true storyteller.  You can read excerpts from the book at  Here is what the first reviewers have to say…

"Lin Pardey has captured the very heart of a full life (the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable) in Bull Canyon. It is a must read for anyone with an adventurous spirit or those who need to be encouraged to follow their dreams."

Lee Stanley, Award-winning filmmaker, producer (Grid Iron Gang)

“It’s great. Very very funny and insightful. Captures a time and place.” 

Herb McCormick, Editor at Large, Cruising World/Sailing World.
“Lin Pardey makes it clear why she has such a following among her sailing readers: she’s a great observer of human nature and a natural storyteller. With Bull Canyon, she has bridged the divide between sailors and landsmen and will touch readers of every inclination.”
– Karen Larsen, founder and editor, Good Old Boat

Lin and Larry have voyaged more than 200,000 miles together on self-built engine-free wooden boats.  Their voyages have taken them around the world, both east-about and west-about, including counter-to-the-prevailing-wind passages south of the great southern capes. The books and DVD programs created by Lin and Larry have been credited with launching thousands of dreams by inspiring and empowering three generations of sailors.  In 2010 the Pardeys were awarded The Cruising Club of America’s prestigious Far Horizons Award.

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3 Responses to Bull Canyon Press Release

  1. arwen2

    Lin aand Larry,

    We had some great times with you there, and I learned a lot about sailing, and the love thereof. Hope the teak plugs I made for TALEISIN have held up well. ;>) Sure was a hellious road getting up to the cabin.

    Can’t wait to read BULL CANYON!

    Take care and I drink a glass of wine and toast you.

    Jeanie Elwing Morshead (formerly married to Barrie Poole)

    PS He took the PALANCA, renamed Oceania, to Mexico with his hew wife, she divorced, and he ended up selling the boat to a couple from Canada. Go figure..

  2. The Cruising Kitty

    ‘I grew to judge every purchase by how many bronze screws I could buy for the boat if I didn’t spend on this or made do without that.’

    -Lin Pardey, Bull Canyon, A Boatbuilder, a writer and other Wildlife

    Words to live by from the great Lin Pardey in her most recent work. I had a great snooze on that book last week.

    I’m due for a catnap… off to stretch out on an earlier Pardey book, The Cost Conscious Cruiser. Just arrived today in the mail!

    –The Cruising Kitty

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