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Why you should take Children Cruising

Daniel Bramwell sailed into North  Cove a few months back on his Westsail 32 with his wife Michelle. The two of them have been exploring the Pacific for the past three years. Now they had come back to New Zealand where he was born to order some new sails, earn some “freedom chips” and catch … Continue reading »

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December 2012

Dear Friends: With the holidays almost here, it’s sailing time in New Zealand. Yet the weather around our island home (just 30 miles north of Auckland City) has made it hard on anyone trying to finish their spring refit. When it is not blowing a gale, it seems to be raining. Taleisin sits forlornly alongside … Continue reading »

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What’s in a Name?

          Through the years, many people have asked us how we came to name our boats. Years ago, just before Taleisin was ready to be launched, I wrote the following story: What’s in a Name? For two and a half years we listened in frustration as friends, family and magazine editors … Continue reading »

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Choosing Vegetables that Will Last when you go to Sea

There is an extensive section on storing vegetables and fruits for offshore passages in our book, The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew. But knowing how to choose them is just as important as careful storage. So for those of you getting ready to head away from winter, here is a video taken as I was actually … Continue reading »

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August 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends Behind a slightly scruffy painted door, set into the front of a run-down building, on a non-descript corner at the edge of a less than savory part of old Los Angeles lies a steep set of wide, wooden stairs. We weren’t quite sure we’d buy viagra super active online come to the correct … Continue reading »

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More on fresh tasting milk for Cruising

Colin Webb from New Zealand had some very interesting thoughts to add to the discussion of using milk powder afloat… Hi Lin And  Larry Firstly some of my background is an industrial chemist  and during my working life I owned a dairy factory producing milk powder from fresh milk for over 15 years. I sold … Continue reading »

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Other Reasons you need to know how to Heave-to

We received the following email last week and asked Drew and Sarah for permission to share it with you since it illustrates some very good decision making by relatively inexperienced sailors. Drew and Sarah Moore wrote: “I just wanted to thank you for your Storm Tactics Handbook!!  I never expected to have to use these … Continue reading »

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Cruising Tip: Working aloft – the Gantline

A proper gantline is essential for both long-distance racing and offshore cruising unless you always sail with a large, strong crew. If you have a varnished or painted spar it is even more important. A gantline is simply a four-part block and tackle arrangement that lets you haul yourself aloft with ease. We use two … Continue reading »

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December 2011

Dear Friends: Refit time – for us it’s come late this year. Here in the southern hemisphere December actually marks the official beginning of summer. Unfortunately, the month of November, when we had hoped to start work on Taleisin, was one of the windiest on record – gale force easterlies: south, north, due of the … Continue reading »

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Cruising Tips – Three Jury Rigging Ideas

During the past two months two young couples have told us about the unexpected mast problems that almost ended their cruises. In each case they had rigging failures while they were far from land. In each case they used their ingenuity and gear on board to stabilize the situation and sail onward without calling for … Continue reading »

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November 2011

Dear Friends: When a reporter asked the late Eric Hiscock about the dangers of wandering into foreign lands, of encountering thieves and pirates, Eric’s answer was, “I don’t think Susan and I live in the same world as I read about in the newspapers.” Our whole life, including the past three months we spent touring … Continue reading »

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US Sailboat Show featured on TheSailingChannel.TV

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