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Author Archives: Robert

November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends: People, the Bonus of Cruising, it was one of the first stories I ever wrote.  In it I described the ease with which cruisers seem to make new, amazingly intimate friendships among the people they meet – both cruisers and shore folks – just because they have decided to set off into the … Continue reading »

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Reviews for Voyaging with Kids

Voyaging with Kids is a beautifully designed and very comprehensive reference on cruising with kids. It covers everything from picking your boat to what to bring along, how to stay safe and healthy, provisioning in far away places, and activities to pass the time or expose the kids to new experiences. There is a full chapter … Continue reading »

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April/May 2015 Cruising Tip

Everything I Need to Know I Learned on a Sailboat While I was in Oakland for the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show last month, John Arndt, editor of Latitude 38 came over to chat about his pet project, Summer Sailstice, his way of sharing the sheer joy of sailing by getting hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading »

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November Cruising Tip

One of our newsletter readers, in a comment on this website, asked for details of how we rigged the gantline we use for going aloft. Herewith a short excerpt from Safety Aloft, which I think is one of the more important chapters in the 3rd edition of The Capable Cruiser.  A proper gantline is essential for … Continue reading »

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October 2014 Cruising Tip

Love Handles for easier Mainsail Reefing and Dowsing A squall threatens; you want that mainsail down quickly. You ease off the halyard then try to grab hold of the sail to get it moving downward. Nothing to grab, you can’t get your hand between the luff rope and mast. Now you have to head directly … Continue reading »

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April 2014 Cruising Tips

Night Watch Tips for Two handed Crews Last week another relatively new-to-cruising couple stopped by for a visit. “Did you really keep watches every night at sea, even when you were out in the middle of nowhere?” In reply, I related the story of almost running down another yacht in squally weather 400 miles from … Continue reading »

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April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends: Larry and I agreed. We’d know we were rich when we could afford to hire someone else to scrub and antifoul the bottom of Taleisin. and any of the other boats in our lives. Ahhh! the luxury of watching someone else getting wet and dirty from head to toe as they attacked the … Continue reading »

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As Long As It’s Fun: Preface and bits of Chapter 1, 2 & 3 plus Photo Gallery at

Just posted on The complete preface and excerpts from the first three chapters of Herb’s new biography of Lin & Larry, As Long As It’s Fun. See the Photo Gallery on Herb’s site for some fun pictures of The Pardeys. Stop by his site to have a look. The book is due to ship on … Continue reading »

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A Better Bucket

When we were speaking at the SSCA Gam in Annapolis, Annette Baker introduced herself and told me about a fun website she was creating. Annette loves sewing. She loves upgrading Magnolia, her cruising home. Her friends commented on her creative stitchery, wondering how they could do the same on their boat. So she created a … Continue reading »

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Galley Safety Rails

The weather wasn’t particularly storm, the boat was beam reaching nicely on the starboard tack. Beth had her galley strap on as she prepared some food. Then just as she unclipped, the boat lurched and she was thrown right across the cabin. Fortunately she came to rest on the port bunk, unfortunately her head hit … Continue reading »

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Cockpit Safety Rail/Table Combo

I have often been concerned about the safety of wide open cockpits. No place to put your feet when the boat heels, nothing to grab onto as you move fore and aft. Beth and Norm Cooper felt the same way when they were outfitting Sarah Jean II, a standard Saga 43 before they set sail … Continue reading »

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Windvane Self-Steering for boats with outboard rudders

When folks ask who designed Taleisin’s windvane self-steering gear, Larry always says,” it isn’t a design, it’s an evolution. The difference? A design works right the first time.” This gets a good laugh but Larry is right, Taleisin’s windvane evolved from what we learned on Seraffyn. It works wonderfully, steering the boat when downwind when … Continue reading »

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