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Author Archives: Lin & Larry

January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends: Coincidence and sailing seem to go hand-in-hand. In our August newsletter I wrote about the Los Angeles Chapter of the Adventurers Club, the amazing exhibits, reminders of the sometimes wondrous, sometimes crazy adventures made by relatively unknown Southern Californian’s. One in particular captured my imagination, the 16 foot long canvas kayak/sailboat built in 1933 … Continue reading »

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November 2012

Dear Friends: Call it writers block, call it overstimulation, but as many of you have noticed, I haven’t written a newsletter in four months. As we traveled right around the USA, driving more than 7000 miles in Brownie Lite, our pickup truck/camper, flying another 13,000 miles, doing seminars, visiting with old friends and family, sailing … Continue reading »

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Improving your vision

In our May newsletter I wrote of the death of my brother-in-law when he was hit head on by a truck turning left in front his motorcycle. The driver stated he hadn’t seen Michael, even though it was broad daylight and Michael’s motorcycle light was o cheap viagra soft n. Among the many warm replies … Continue reading »

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June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends Many years ago we left Taleisin on a mooring in Poole Harbor, on the south coast of England while we enjoyed a party on shore. We returned to our dinghy at about 11 PM to find fog had rolled in and visibility was down to about 50 feet. The moorings off Parkstone yacht … Continue reading »

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You Can’t Buy Safety

This chapter, from our book the Capable Cruiser, 3rd edition was originally written in response to a magazine editorial. It was printed in Latitudes and Attitudes several years ago but nothing has changed as far as the heavy marketing of so called Safety equipment. So Larry and I think it is worth sharing it with … Continue reading »

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May 2012

Dear Friends: Just a week before I sat down to write this I learned my brother-in-law, Michael Masculine, was killed while riding his motorcycle.  He was traveling at a modest speed, the light was green, a truck driver made a left turn and hit him. Michael died instantly, just a mile from his home. When … Continue reading »

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Milk Powder Tips

When we were at the Annapolis boat show a lovely woman came up to me and said, “My children need milk on board. Do you know of any milk powder that tastes decent? We’re heading offshore soon and I can’t find any.” I didn’t have the answer since recently, Larry and I carry two or … Continue reading »

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March 2012

Dear friends: When we were invited to be guests at a wooden boat festival in Geelong, Australia near Melbourne, both of us had lots of reasons to pass up the opportunity; we’d just spent several months living on the road and promoting my latest book in the USA, early March is the very best sailing … Continue reading »

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Monohull vs. Catamaran – A short, slightly opinionated round up of pros and cons

At Boatshows, through emails to this website, we are have often been asked if we’d consider a Cat for offshore cruising. Any answer we give based only on our own experience is bound to be highly prejudiced by our love of the aesthetics of classic sailing vessels, preference for small size and affordability. To try … Continue reading »

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February 2012

Dear Friends: When Larry and I start reminiscing about our past, we often recall special landfalls made after long ocean passages, special expeditions on land, but just as often the favorite moments that come to mind are incidents that happened on very small sailing excursions. So it remains today. Our sailing this summer has been … Continue reading »

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January 2012

Dear Friends Finally, I am making up ice blocks, getting all of Taleisin’s gear back on board. If the weather folks are right we should, as you read this, be off for some long delayed sailing. “La Niña, the water circulation in the Pacific is definitely warmer than usual. These lows are what you’d expect … Continue reading »

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December 2010 – From Kawau Island

Dear Friends:When we are asked about our penchant for engine-free sailing, I try to explain: we originally did it to save money, then to keep voyaging interesting, or to keep us from being complacent. About this time Larry usually interrupts, “Cheap thrills!” he states. I laugh, they laugh and the conversation shifts elsewhere. Last Sunday … Continue reading »

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