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Author Archives: Lin & Larry

June 2014 Cruising Tips

The Documents you need with you when you leave your boat in a foreign country A young cruising sailor contacted me via Facebook. “I know you and Larry live near Auckland, I am stuck here for a few days and would like to buy you a drink.” We were headed into the city for a … Continue reading »

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February 2014 Cruising Tip

The Disadvantages of Leading Halyards and Reefing Lines Aft to the Cockpit. Though Larry and I had little time to visit on board the boats which were on display at Chicago, the balcony in front of each of the seminar rooms gave me a birdseye view of the deck layouts of every boat on display. … Continue reading »

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February 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends Why would anyone willingly leave a New Zealand summer, complete with perfect sailing weather and long, long days to spend three weeks in the dark and freezing winter weather of Toronto and Chicago? As Larry and I listened to the dire weather reports; blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, thousands of cancelled flights, we too began … Continue reading »

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December 2013 Cruising Tip: For Adventures – Go to Windward

For Adventures – Go to Windward “You guys were lucky,” new voyagers say to us, “You got out cruising before there were so many people doing it so it was easy for you to meet local folks.” We can’t disagree completely, when we first set off it was common to be the only foreign flagged … Continue reading »

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Cutting Board/Sink Cover/Serving Board

Simplicity always seems to be the best choice when It comes to sailboat systems, both aloft and below decks. This cutting board/galley sink cover must be one of the simplest but most useful items Larry ever built for me. When we were building Taleisin, Larry asked me if I had any use for the piece … Continue reading »

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October 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends Both us are suffering from a surfeit of nostalgia. A combination of history, editing and modern technology has brought moments from the earliest days of our partnership alive. Here’s the story: About three years ago, Herb McCormick was commissioned to write a biography about Larry and I. It was made clear that this … Continue reading »

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Warning – Fresh water + Marina or Boats with on Board Electrics could = EDS

Like so many blue water cruising sailors, I think nothing of diving overboard for a swim whenever we are in clear warm water even near marinas and  docks. When we were meandering through the canals of France a few years ago, I joined friends in fine splashes in the Soame River, the Burgundy Canal and … Continue reading »

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August 2013 newsletter

Dear Friends; How could you keep cruising for so long? That is a question we heard just slightly less than, “what about pirates?”  Variety, that was our answer, adding new adventures afloat or on land, moving into other people’s lives, getting to know their culture, sometimes moving ashore for a few months at a time … Continue reading »

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A Simple Fiddle for your Galley Table

I am going through The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew to update it for a new fourth edition  which should be ready for September. (The third edition will remain available as an eBook until September, but the paperback third edition will be out of print by June 15th.) As I came to the chapter … Continue reading »

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April 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends It’s been a long hot summer. With the on-going drought and unseasonable warm weather it feels like little is changing. But everything else tells me autumn is here. It’s not just the bright red leaves of the trees on the mainland or the ever shorter days, it’s all the north-bound traffic that makes … Continue reading »

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March 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends: “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” It seemed a strange headline for a daily newspaper in the far southern reaches of the Tasman sea. From what we heard before we came Hobart as guests of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (,  we knew this was going to be a pretty big event for … Continue reading »

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We first chose to use flexible solar panels because they were less bulky and could be stored away quickly. The absence of a metal frame meant less chance of damaging the boat or ourselves when we worked around the panels. Then the late Bernard Moitessier showed us another benefit that doubled their usefulness. He had … Continue reading »

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