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Weather Routers Advice to Cruisers

Many Pacific Ocean cruisers will already have heard of Bob McDavitt. For years he has been giving weather advice and routing information to cruisers and racers from his offices near Westhaven marina in Auckland New Zealand. Bob is a top notch professional meteorological officer for the New Zealand government and a specialist in maritime weather. … Continue reading »

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August 2011 – From Kawau

Dear Friends,It’s about the sailing. Voyaging, cruising foreign shores, as much as I love the adventure of traveling and meeting new people, a little yellow boat reminded me that it’s actually the sailing that has kept me hooked for so long. Larry hauled the little yellow boat up onto the hard at Mickey Mouse Marine. … Continue reading »

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June 2011 – From Western U.S.

Brownie Lite, the pick-up truck and camper we call our American country cottage. Our first US traveling rig was a brown Ford 250 truck. We named it Brownie after a warm-hearted truck driver from Larry’s young days working in the logging industry. A few years back we replaced that gas-guzzler with this more efficient, lighter … Continue reading »

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An Easy to Store, Combination Hard Bottomed Dinghy/Life Boat

Steve Callahans FRIB ready for production In our book, Cost Conscious Cruiser, we have a complete discussion of why we are not comfortable with currently available life rafts. Steve Callahan is definitely someone who supports our view that a tender that is rigged out to work as a sailing life raft not only saves money, … Continue reading »

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Guide to Splicing Rigging Wire

In the Storm Tactics DVD, Larry discusses the advantages of having hand spliced rigging rather than using swaged or mechanical end fittings. Unfortunately in recent times, few people know how to splice their own wire and even fewer people are available to show you how to do it. There are several books which show step … Continue reading »

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Small Boat Table Solution

My favorite section of sailing magazines has always been the Clever Solutions section. I’m sure you buy cheap kamagra know what I mean, the section where boat owners write about how they built or adapted something to work within the confines of their boat and how they solved the problems they encountered. (Sail Magazine used … Continue reading »

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May 2011

Dear Friends: Introducing a new book is exciting and slightly intimidating. It also involves a lot of paperwork. Getting ready for seminars on the West Coast of the US in March and on the east coast in September and October also added to the work load. Then there was dealing with the intimidating insurance claim … Continue reading »

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Choosing the Southern African Route

Several Reasons for Choosing the Southern African Route Instead of Risking Your Life and Boat in the Approaches to the Red Sea When we sailed down the Red Sea on Seraffyn back in 1977, we vowed never again to sail in this part of the world. Though “piracy” was low tech and low powered back … Continue reading »

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March 2011 – From New Zealand

Dear Friends: Tawera may be handsome, but she isn’t the prettiest boat in the New Zealand Classic Fleet. On the other hand, every time we raced Taleisin or Thelma(the 115 year old Bailey cutter Larry rescued from cialis cheapest price a state of neglect) among these ageless beauties [See March 2006 and subsequent 2006 to … Continue reading »

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February 2011 – From New Zealand

Dear Friends: The New Zealand summer started wonderfully, with weather that lured us out sailing on many fine days. But now in the middle of what is usually the finest sailing time, a La Niña event which brings warmer ocean waters to the South Pacific, has brought a series of cyclonic lows tracking south with … Continue reading »

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Getting Headsails Down Easily

We were racing on board a beautiful classic 51 footer last weekend in Nelson on New Zealand’s South Island. After a wonderful fast reach across Golden Bay, the winds increased to almost 25 knots. We had a huge asymmetrical spinnaker set, we were moving at a soul satisfying 9 knots. Soon we’d need the spinnaker … Continue reading »

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Bull Canyon

Buy Now! Lin Pardey and her husband Larry are internationally famous for their sailing adventures. But in 1980 – fresh from an eleven years-long sailing journey, where they forged the early years of their marriage on high seas and in exotic locales – they came to California looking for a good spot to build a … Continue reading »

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