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World’s only Solar-Powered, Floating Video Company releases New DVD
New Program Shows Why Lin and Larry Pardey Have Enjoyed Cruising for more than 4 Decades
Cruising Has No Limits is 74 minutes and is open zoned. It is available for pre-order through www.landlpardey.com, www.paracay.com and Amazon.com. Shipments are expected June 15th and it will soon be available through most nautical outlets.
Storm Tactics Handbook, 3rd. EditionWhen Larry and Lin decided to voyage to Southern Africa they had a special dream:
When Larry and Lin decided to voyage to Southern Africa they had a special dream. “We had learned the basics of using simple Hi8 video cameras, ones we could power using two 13 watt solar panels,” Larry explains. “This gave us the idea of creating a video program that would show cruising offered far more than just sailing, swimming, and enjoying the shorelines of the world. We wanted to demonstrate the opportunities voyaging opened up to us, the friends it helped us make every where we went. Our original dream was to get out into the wilds of Southern Africa in a 4X4 safari machine and make a video called Champagne Safari on a Beer budget. But Chris Gurr, three time Emmy winning editor and producer, the same man who edited our Storm Tactics DVD, convinced us to expand our vision, to show some of the other fun and heart warming adventures we’d enjoyed. Now that we see this completed program, we couldn't agree more.”

With Chris’ help, extra footage was gathered at the Pardey’s home base in New Zealand, both at their small boatyard and on board their 114 year old cutter, Thelma which they sail during southern Hemisphere summers.. This was combined with footage shot recently during a passage south from Canada to California on board 29 foot, engineless Taleisin, the cutter that has taken them over 85,000 miles and west-about, south of the four great capes including Cape Horn.

The resulting program, entitled Cruising Has No Limits, will whet anyone’s appetite for the life-enriching possibilities offered by cruising. Shot on location not only at their home base in New Zealand, but in five different Southern African countries, in Brazil and Ireland, this program is about why you should go cruising combined with  of practical advise on how to go beyond the shores of the worlds oceans, and ways to get to know local people. As an added bonus, viewers will learn how to plan a safari like the Pardey’s savored, a seven month sojourn that took them into many remote parts of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe at a cost of less than $1000 a month.

For a special pre-release offer Click Here
For a full description of the program visit www.landlpardey.com

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