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Two New Pardey DVDs

There are a lot of folks like Larry, who enjoy learning by seeing far more than they do by reading. That is why Larry was eager to use video to share the ideas we use on Taleisin to make life afloat easier and voyaging more fun. Comments from many of the people who, over the past ten years have bought the four hour long VHS programs, Cruising, Voyaging, Care and Feeding of Sailing Crews and Cruising Coral Seas confirm his decision. The advent of DVD as a far easier to use, better picture quality format meant we had a decision to make, how do we keep the information in these programs available for those who are just now getting their cruising dreams underway. The cost of re-mastering the programs as they stood, direct to DVD and repackaging them, made us hesitate. But Chris Gurr, who edited our Storm Tactics DVD and is a two time Emmy award winner, and keen cruising sailor, has always liked those programs. "Let me at 'em," he insisted. A few weeks later he had a plan. "Let's show people these are ideas that have worked for you for years and still keep working. Let's use lots of the footage you shot as you voyaged another 20,000 miles, take some good footage of you at your New Zealand home and the new lady in your life, 110 year old Thelma and interweave them to give a whole new feeling to it all. Folks who have never seen the originals will find them full of information, folks who have the originals will find the new stuff fun to have. This is really classic information." The results are two 90 minute programs which each show over 50 useful tips and ideas and give you a feeling of what it is like to cruise in protected waters and to set off across oceans. Chris' skillful editing has helped to highlight many important aspects of our philosophy for confident voyaging, including taking time to do sea trials, and having gear that works in all conditions and for all members of the crew.

Get Ready to Cross Oceans and Get Ready to Cruise due out Mid-July 2005. DVDs are $29.95 each, or both for $49.95.

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Special Offer:
Free Wind & Seas CD featuring Lin & Larry Pardey for all orders placed prior to July 30th! DVDs $29.95 each.
DVDs due Mid-July 2005.

Contact Paradise Cay Publications 1-800-736-4509 or info@paracay.com for more information

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