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Pardey's Storm Tactics DVD/Video makes the grade.
Recommended for Maritime Safety Curriculum

"The can do attitude this program promotes is just what we need" stated Jim Lott, head of the New Zealand maritime safety authorities education board. "Too many sailors are giving up and calling for help instead of trying to solve their own problems." He has recommended Lin and Larry's new 84 minute long program as an important addition to the New Zealand Yacht Masters certificate curriculum.

The Pardey's use footage shot during a contrary-to-the-prevailing-wind voyage around Cape Horn and around South Africa's Cape of Storms, to demonstrate methods which will bring a sailing vessel through heavy weather with the crew's confidence and the boats gear intact. Rigging, gear, storm sails, gear securing methods and psychological preparation are discussed and demonstrated in this clear, visually interesting program, which, since its release only a few weeks ago, has garnered amazingly supportive reviews:

"It's terrific. Excellent visuals, clear and precise instructions (the diagrams and drawings combined with the actual underway footage is extremely effective) great close-ups of gear and sails ---a really first class effort." -Herb McCormick, editor, Cruising World Magazine.

"Most clear and most valuable. There are so many good principles brought out. It is a real help in focusing on the subject, and the photography is quite excellent. It is a joy to watch the perfect jewel of a ship Taleisin at sea as well as the big yachts in the Sydney Hobart Race. Quite simply I loved it…" -Peter Bruce, editor and author of Adlard Cole's Heavy Weather Sailing Fifth edition.

"Every sailor should see Lin and Larry Pardey's new video Storm Tactics. The video and its companion handbook should be well viewed and digested before venturing more than a few miles offshore in a yacht." -Robin Bailey, New Zealand Herald

"The suggestions are clear and practical. Anyone venturing offshore will have an easier time of it if they watch this video first." -Gary Jobson - Olympic class sailor, author and ESPN commentator

An interesting side note - this program was created in a manner that demonstrates Lin and Larry's keep-it-simple philosophy. The Hi8 handy cam used for all on footage other than special aerial shots of the Sydney Hobart race was powered by a 13 watt solar panel. Professional editing was done using the latest high quality Avid equipment in New Zealand. Lin and Larry are preparing to sail Taleisin north from Chile through the Pacific.

Storm Tactics is available in internationally coded DVD format, and VHS Pal or NTSC format from Paradise Cay publishing at www.landlpardey.com or phone 1-800-736-4509 or at West Marine, price $29.95, or from Biograph video by email biograph@eurobell.co.uk phone 44-1626-201888 price £19.95 at www.boatbooks.co.nz or Whitcoulls Bookstores, New Zealand price $39.95.

For more information contact - info@paracay.com
Phone 1-(707) 822-9063

Storm Tactics Video
84 minutes
1929214057 VHS
1919214103 DVD
To order, call
(800) 736-4509
- OR -
Fax (707) 822-9163
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