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Pardey's Sail to Unusual World Record by Doubling Cape Horn.

"Larry has dreamed of sailing around Cape Horn the hard way, east to west, against the prevailing winds, ever since he started building this boat," Lin Pardey said in an interview from Puerto Montt, Chile. "I was the one who dragged my heels. I had sailed with Larry for over l50,000 miles, yet I was spooked by the stories of professionally sailed square rigged ships which battled westerly gales for 50 or 60 days and failed to double to horn. But Larry reminded me that we had written Storm Tactics Handbook- modern methods for heaving to, we should be willing to go where there would be serious rough weather and get photographic evidence to prove that heaving-to really works, and creates a slick which helps protect sailing vessels from breaking seas. It took us five months work to upgrade Taleisin to the condition we wanted, and as we headed south we experienced the hardest sailing of our lives. But now we are elated. We actually did it, doubling the horn from Puerto Deseado, Argentina to Chiloe, Chile in 2l days, and beating to windward or heaving to through 9 days of storm force winds with no damage to Taleisin or her crew."

Lin and Larry have been sailing together since l965 when they built their 24 foot engineless cutter Seraffyn and embarked on an eleven year east-about 47,000 mile circumnavigation. They then built and launched 29'6" Taleisin (also engineless) to sail west-about venturing to 6l degrees north latitude and around the southern capes in a voyage that has now covered over 65,000 miles. They have visited more than 70 countries and have earned their cruising funds by delivering yachts, doing boat repairs and more recently through writing ten sailing books and producing four videos. They also maintain a newsletter with photos at www.paracay.com. They have a home/boat yard in New Zealand.

The Chilean Navy confirmed that no other yacht has been cleared to sail around Cape Horn then directly west into the Pacific in at least the past seven years, though it is known that the British Challenge fully crewed maxi's took a similar route. So Taleisin may be the smallest boat to have circumnavigated contrary to the prevailing winds by way of the great southern Capes. It is certain the Pardeys are the only sailors to have circumnavigated both east-about and west-about in engineless boats they built themselves, using no sponsorship and relying only on celestial navigation. As Larry quipped, "We used free energy, the wind and the sun."

"Larry was magnificent;" Lin reported, "steering Taleisin for sixteen hours, tack on tack through the islands northeast of Cape Horn in southwest winds of 45 knots, gusting 55, to reach the Horn in time to take advantage of the light easterly winds that were forecast. I still can't believe it but we actually were able to fly our nylon drifter as we passed the Horn and can now, funny as it sounds, lay claim to being the only folks to have sailed contrary to the prevailing winds past all the southern capes, flying our nylon drifter."

"The real hero of it all is Lyle Hess." Larry added. " He designed this amazing little ship that can keep moving in the lightest of breezes and get to windward in winds of 45 and 50 knots with a storm trysail and 40 square foot storm staysail, then lay safely hove-to, hanging on to her weathering through winds we later learned blew steadily in excess of 65 knots for almost 36 hours."

For more information contact Matt Morehouse at Paradise Cay Publications, (800) 736-4509 or email info@paracay.com

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